West Lothian Cleaning Services

Spring/Deep Cleaning


We all intend and always mean to Spring clean our properties but our busy lives, work, family and social commitments often mean we do not find the time!

Our spring/deep clean takes our regular clean a step further. We will complete those jobs that are not done on a regualar basis such as skirting boards,door frames ect.

End of Tenancy


If your tenancy agreement is coming to an end, this service is just for you! We have designed a checklist of tenancy cleaning requirements, which can be adjusted according to your needs. If you supply us with your original check-in documents prepared by your Landlord or Letting Agent then we will assist you to return your rental property to as close as its original condition in order to gain the refund of your deposit.

Please be advised that should you have caused any damage to the property during your tenancy, then we cannot be held responsible for any losses to your deposit as a result.

West Lothian Cleaning Services

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